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Benton Hot Stamp and Pad Print Company - Home Machinery and Equipment Foils, Decals and Inks Tooling and Miscellaneous Service and Support Contact

Hastings Advanced Decorating Systems- Hot Stamp Equipment and Automation; Service/ Application Support – 618-476-6707,

Schwerdtle - Silicone Rubber Dies, Sheet Stock and Fixtures
Bill Morey,, 203-330-2750 x132

Comdec Inc.- SMI Padprinting Equipment and Ruco Inks– Chris Blanken,, 978-462-4999

Enercon Industries- Flame, Air Plasma and Corona Surface Treating; 262-250-3108 Matt Rajala (Service Manager’s direct line). For 24 hour technical support, main phone number (262-255-6070), then follow the prompts (prompt #3)